Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dizzee Rascal - 'Bassline Junkie' 30/03/2013

Dizzee Rascal 02 Arena 2010

Dizzee Rascal is an artist that divides people opinion, hardcore Rascal fans believe he sold out years ago opting for more 'pop' sounding tracks. Now, i'm a fan but i am in no way an expert, i do not know what his first single is but i do know that he is AMAZING live! Me and P had the opportunity to see him play London's O2 arena back in 2010. Dizzee headlined with Lily Allen (with a cheeky appearance from Pro Green chucked in) now it was a great gig but i think the mistake the organisers made was putting Dizzee on first and leaving Allen to close. The crowd became hyped up for Dizzee then left to chill for Allen, leaving the gig we felt we should go back to our hotel rather than partying WTF? looking back, big mistake! London nightlife is beyond crazy!

Lily Allen

Dizzee Rascal

Professor Green

Me & P 2010 02 Arena London

That was 2010 and since then even I have to admit i haven't clicked with any of Dizzee's new tracks... until now! Bassline Junkie sounds like Dizzee is returning to what he knows best and that's keeping it simple with big beats and a tongue in cheek style, plus as always his videos are hilarious, check it out!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Rhianna - 'Rude Boy' 28/03/2013

It's my mate 'N's birthday today and in true 'N' style her event tonight is named 'Lets Get Weird', the event photo is a picture of brownies and only 16 people have been invited... and it's in a penthouse in Ancoats! Fair to say i have NO idea how tonight is going to go, but gosh dammit i'm excited!

Me and N in Venue 2010

Rude boy by Rhianna is a song that reminds me of 'N', we went to college together and everytime this song would come on she'd get up and dance and sing around the class!
 (Plus she made a frog out of clay and called it Rude Boy ... i think, my memory is shocking... i do think of that bloody frog when this song comes on, it has to be linked, please be linked!!)

So Happy Birthday N this ones for you...

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Twitter Pick - Rhythm Killers - 'Rhythm Killer' 27/03/2013

As a music reviewer (bigging myself up there) i get a lot of agents pimping their music to me through my DM's on Twitter, I listen to them all but 99% of the time reply with a polite but short 'no thank you'... some stuff is plain rubbish.

Affinity Music however sent me the link to this, Rhythm Killer by Rhythm Killers.

Rhythm Killer is their first track from the new EP 'Breaking Barriers'. The production and feel of this song is pretty professional. The song has a reggae feel to it but with a twist, you can hear a bit of drum & bass slightly mixed into the background. I will definitely be checking out the rest of their music!

The band seem to have a growing fan base on social media sites and i'm excited to be part of it. I love it when new good new bands get the recognition they deserve and it looks like they're not taking their fans for granted, they constantly update their Facebook page with behind the scene photos and videos which i think is a great touch!

Here it is, Rhythm Killers....


Friday, 22 March 2013

Flashback Friday - Massive Attack - 'Teardrop' 22/03/2013

I swear i've not forgotten about Fridays post, it's still Friday in my eyes i don't listen to all the 'past 12, next day' business .... unless it's my Birthday obviously.

I know it's Friday night, but i'm cuddled up ready for bed so i'm choosing a chill out song tonight.

Massive Attack's Teardrop is the most beautiful chill out song ever, scratch that it's THE most beautiful song period. I'm a big fan of Massive Attack and it's Teardrop that cemented their number one place on my personal artist list. Flashbacks of Reading 2010 come into my mind when this comes on too, my first ever silent disco experience ended with this song constantly on repeat, it was on repeat so people would leave and go back to their tents...not me i stayed and listened to it 5 times before my mate P dragged me out!

                                                        Reading Festival 2010, Me and P

So here it is for you...

Thursday, 21 March 2013

The 1975 - 'Chocolate' - 21/03/13

''S- 'Chocolate? do they mean weed?'
Me - ' No they mean Chocolate durrr'
S - '(quoting song lyrics) 'My car smells of Chocolate?'
Me - 'Awww i really wanted the song to be about Chocolate, I love Chocolate.''

Yes that is a real life conversation between me and my friend S today, pretty sure it went on for more than 10 minutes and it was followed by me singing the song badly... i say singing... i do not know the words! 

To pay tribute to my innocence this song will now be today's choice. Enjoy.

The 1975 - Chocolate

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Joe Banfi - 'Nomads' 20/03/13

Guess what guys, i got a new job today! I am now Social Media Coordinator at Silent Radio. Silent Radio is a website that reviews and promotes the Manchester music scene, i'm super excited about this role and hope to do well.

 As you may know i'm a music reviewer for them too so to celebrate i am sharing my first review for you all... Joe Banfi 'Nomads EP.' 

Now i'm off to celebrate with some vino and chocolates :)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kendrick Lamar - 'Swimming Pools (Drank) 19/03/2013

 Today has been a very busy day for me, (hence the short blog post) running errands and doing uni work .

You may be hearing a lot about how my uni work is taking over in the next coming weeks, i'm in my final year and in my final 2 months... time to panic! So you won't be surprised to find out that today's choice is quite a relaxed one... ok, ok it's not exactly a chill out song, but compared to most songs on my Spotify list it is very calm! Have a listen.

Kendrick Lamar, 'Swimming Pools'...

Monday, 18 March 2013

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - 'Atlas Hands' 18/03/2013

Admittedly i watch a LOT of bad TV, currently i'm making my way through Gossip Girl for the second time, do not judge me.

One show that's blown me away this year is 'Catfish', shown on MTV it is based on the film of the same name and it's absolutely amazing! I'm not going to go through the ins and outs of the show or movie, all i can say is watch it, but i will warn you if you do you will start to believe everyone on the internet is not who they say they are... scary thought, but sadly this is internet-reality.

 Now i don't know about you guys, but when i watch a show and a song comes on that sounds quite good i'll Google it straight away. This is how i came across this song 'Atlas Hands' by Benjamin Francis Leftwich (what a tongue twister), it's a folk like song with some beautiful guitar notes in. Usually i play this song when i'm walking somewhere as cheesy as that sounds, but you know you have your going out songs and winding down songs and heck i even make a workout playlist, well this song is in a playlist i like to name 'Just good music' on my Spotify.

Have a listen, what playlist would you add this song to?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

St. Patricks Day Pick! Steve Earle - 'Galway Girl' 17/13/2013

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all! Hope you're not too drunk to see this, i'm sober but i'm so excited to start the festivities today...mainly getting many a traditional Jamesons and Ginger Ales!

I am an Irish girl, i know, i know everybody says that on St Patrick's Day. Born in Dundalk, my name is Rosaleen Mary Majella Marmion, i am super pale, hair is black and my eyes are blue (which explains the song pick) the proof is right there! My accent is Mancunian and my home is Manchester, now to be Irish in Manchester is great, this town has one of the best St Patrick's day parades around every year, Cheetham Hill and Levenshulme are the places to be if you want to discover Irish culture.

Today i am off to The Irish World Heritage Centre in Cheetham Hill to see the parade, this is a great event, it's always super busy and everyone is in high spirits, not to mention everyone dresses up in green and there are many silly hats! Every year i go to this parade and every year i come home with the best stories to tell!

So the song for today HAS to be Galway Girl, 'hair is black and her eyes are blue' i like to think this is me in the song, cheesy maybe, but i don't care :)

To get even more girly on you today, i picked the you tube video which has the 'PS.i love you' video playing, mainly because of Gerard Butler, swoon, but also because shock horror... i like the film too!


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Jessie Ware - 'What You Won't Do For Love' 16/03/2013

Jessie Ware, what a lady! Not only is she my style icon (see picture below) but her album 'Devotion' has quickly become one of my favourite albums, all year it's been at the top of my Spotify list. Can you blame me? her voice is like butter!

The Mercury Prize... how did Wares album not win?!? I mean yes Alt-J are pretty epic too but JESSIE WARE. I realise this isn't a good argument here, but seriously listen to her album if you haven't already and see if you have the same opinion.

Now the reason i've chosen 'What you won't do for love' is simply because i have a connection to this song. Back in my teenage days i had Tupac's greatest hits and his cover of this song was so good, so so much better than the pop bands around at that time, think 911 :/ Wares version however blows it out of the park!

In other news i NEED to see her live!

Have a listen, see what you think

Jessie Ware - 'What You Won't Do For Love'...

Friday, 15 March 2013

Flashback Friday - Electric Light Orchestra - 'Livin' Thing' 15/03/2012

Oh yes, it's Friday everyone and this means one thing... let's have a Flashback!

 North Manchester FM is a community station in my local area, my best mate P used to present a radio show on it before she jetted off for a year to sunny Australia ( i didn't follow her, i am deathly afraid of spiders), yesterday i clicked onto it and what do i hear? Only my favourite ELO song 'Livin' Thing.' It made me think of my summers spent with one of my exes D, his lovely mother was a big fan of this band and after listening to the album a few times D and i stole her copy and spent our nights with it on repeat! Thankfully me and D are good mates still so i can appreciate these memories  rather than try to forget them.

 Well that's enough about my life for one day, oh the perils of flashbacks :)

Here it is for you, think of summer, it's coming soon... i hope!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Social Media Choice - Ed Sheeran and Passenger - 'No Diggity Vs Thrift Shop' 14/03/13

Well i am pleasantly surprised with this choice! My friend who shall be nicknamed DJ shared a video at 11.45am via Viral Videos on Facebook.

The video is Ed Sheeran & Passenger singing a mash up of the hits 'No Diggity' by Blackstreet (ft. Dr Dre with Queen Pen) and 'Thrift Shop' by Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis, playing live for an Australian drive time radio show Fifi & Jules.

 Now i must admit i saw the name Ed Sheeran and did a little flinch, don't get me wrong he is an amazing artist and very talented, i'm just not a fan. I clicked the link hesitantly and my goodness... it's brilliant!
 'No Diggity' is one song that brings back teenage memories (my first ever album was Dr Dre, random fact there for you) and Malcklemores hit 'Thrift Shop' was THE hit of this year. It is clear this video is being received well with 8,663 shares already.

Click the link and see what you think...

Social Media Choice! 14/03/13

So today i thought i'd try something new, i'm going to choose a social media site and chose the first song posted by a friend/band/agent/reviewer i see. I want to find out what you guys are listening to and sharing! I'll listen to the song a few times and give my verdict... ooo i'm quite excited!

Today i pick.... Facebook!

Watch this space guys :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lewis Watson - 'Into The Wild' 13/03/2013

Today i thought i'd pick a brand spanking new song, it's so new it's not out yet and is available on pre-order on iTunes
 Annie Mac played this song on her BBC Radio 1 show last night and it's been on repeat since. Lewis Watson is only 20 years old and this makes my respect for him grow... at the age of 20 i was working behind a Ben & Jerry's counter in a cinema, rock and roll! 
'Into The Wild' is beautiful, it's a perfect summer song and i imagine it's going to be a big hit! Think Ben Howard style, so if you missed out on seeing Howard play live (his shows sell out in record time and are mega expensive) try Watson!

Here's the song for you, enjoy! Lewis Watson 'Into The Wild'...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Chase and Status - 'Blind Faith' 12/03/2013

Now, i don't know if it was the appearance of the ever illusive sunshine that did this to me but Blind Faith... what an effing good song!

 Driving down the A6 listening to BBC Radio 1 around 2 pm, sun is shining (thought i'd set the scene for you guys here) and C&S's Blind Faith starts to play. Suddenly memories start to flood my mind, memories of 2011's Benicassim and Parklife Festival.... even a grotty, sweaty but epic night on New Years Day at Sankeys! Watching Chase &Status in Benicassim was one of the best experiences of my life, they played a small stage which made it even more epic. The crowd was so ready for this set and soon the mosh pits appeared, these mosh pits rivaled Queens of The Stone Age pits... i was impressed, but scared out of my wits!

Here's a photo of the guys showing off their new England shirts (I'm in that crowd behind them woohoo).

 Blind Faith is the song that kick started my love for Chase & Status, even the video floored me and i'm glad to hear that this song is not getting old for me!

So here it is, Chase & Status's 'Blind Faith'...

Monday, 11 March 2013

Jamie Woon - 'Shoulda' 11/03/2013

Today was a momentous day in my music loving life, i discovered Spotify Radio! This nifty little app creates stations based on your favourite artists, naturally being new to this i played it safe and chose an artist i am truly in love with, Jessie Ware. Much to my delight Woon's 'Shoulda' started playing and i instantly connected with it, (love it when that happens) to my dismay turns out he's pretty well known and this was released 1 year ago...i am once again behind the times (but not too much as i did recognise his 'Lady Luck' song so ner ner)... here it is for you guys! 'Shoulda' by Jamie Woon.