Sunday, 17 March 2013

St. Patricks Day Pick! Steve Earle - 'Galway Girl' 17/13/2013

Happy St Patrick's Day to you all! Hope you're not too drunk to see this, i'm sober but i'm so excited to start the festivities today...mainly getting many a traditional Jamesons and Ginger Ales!

I am an Irish girl, i know, i know everybody says that on St Patrick's Day. Born in Dundalk, my name is Rosaleen Mary Majella Marmion, i am super pale, hair is black and my eyes are blue (which explains the song pick) the proof is right there! My accent is Mancunian and my home is Manchester, now to be Irish in Manchester is great, this town has one of the best St Patrick's day parades around every year, Cheetham Hill and Levenshulme are the places to be if you want to discover Irish culture.

Today i am off to The Irish World Heritage Centre in Cheetham Hill to see the parade, this is a great event, it's always super busy and everyone is in high spirits, not to mention everyone dresses up in green and there are many silly hats! Every year i go to this parade and every year i come home with the best stories to tell!

So the song for today HAS to be Galway Girl, 'hair is black and her eyes are blue' i like to think this is me in the song, cheesy maybe, but i don't care :)

To get even more girly on you today, i picked the you tube video which has the 'PS.i love you' video playing, mainly because of Gerard Butler, swoon, but also because shock horror... i like the film too!


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