Friday, 22 March 2013

Flashback Friday - Massive Attack - 'Teardrop' 22/03/2013

I swear i've not forgotten about Fridays post, it's still Friday in my eyes i don't listen to all the 'past 12, next day' business .... unless it's my Birthday obviously.

I know it's Friday night, but i'm cuddled up ready for bed so i'm choosing a chill out song tonight.

Massive Attack's Teardrop is the most beautiful chill out song ever, scratch that it's THE most beautiful song period. I'm a big fan of Massive Attack and it's Teardrop that cemented their number one place on my personal artist list. Flashbacks of Reading 2010 come into my mind when this comes on too, my first ever silent disco experience ended with this song constantly on repeat, it was on repeat so people would leave and go back to their tents...not me i stayed and listened to it 5 times before my mate P dragged me out!

                                                        Reading Festival 2010, Me and P

So here it is for you...

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