Friday, 15 March 2013

Flashback Friday - Electric Light Orchestra - 'Livin' Thing' 15/03/2012

Oh yes, it's Friday everyone and this means one thing... let's have a Flashback!

 North Manchester FM is a community station in my local area, my best mate P used to present a radio show on it before she jetted off for a year to sunny Australia ( i didn't follow her, i am deathly afraid of spiders), yesterday i clicked onto it and what do i hear? Only my favourite ELO song 'Livin' Thing.' It made me think of my summers spent with one of my exes D, his lovely mother was a big fan of this band and after listening to the album a few times D and i stole her copy and spent our nights with it on repeat! Thankfully me and D are good mates still so i can appreciate these memories  rather than try to forget them.

 Well that's enough about my life for one day, oh the perils of flashbacks :)

Here it is for you, think of summer, it's coming soon... i hope!

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