Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Twitter Pick - Rhythm Killers - 'Rhythm Killer' 27/03/2013

As a music reviewer (bigging myself up there) i get a lot of agents pimping their music to me through my DM's on Twitter, I listen to them all but 99% of the time reply with a polite but short 'no thank you'... some stuff is plain rubbish.

Affinity Music however sent me the link to this, Rhythm Killer by Rhythm Killers.

Rhythm Killer is their first track from the new EP 'Breaking Barriers'. The production and feel of this song is pretty professional. The song has a reggae feel to it but with a twist, you can hear a bit of drum & bass slightly mixed into the background. I will definitely be checking out the rest of their music!

The band seem to have a growing fan base on social media sites and i'm excited to be part of it. I love it when new good new bands get the recognition they deserve and it looks like they're not taking their fans for granted, they constantly update their Facebook page with behind the scene photos and videos which i think is a great touch!

Here it is, Rhythm Killers....


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